Episode 6: The New Normal…Self-Care?

Michelle Stinson Ross is the CMO of Mindful Appy (now called Feelalytics). The company works with organizations that are ready to embrace a cultural shift to create a Psychologically safe workplace. Mindful Appy analyzes the company’s data derived from KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and evaluates employees’ emotional engagement by using NEI (Net Emotional Index). As you listen…take notes, Stinson provides employees and employers with an easily implemented toolbox.

This month’s podcast offers insights provided by Mindful Appy on Self-Care – I am not a Machine. I am a Human Being!

The podcast immediately opens with Stinson answering how an employee can most effectively cope with deadline stress. One of the many answers she provides is, asking if there is flexibility to shift the deadline out further. Ahhh…well that seems easy enough.

While inroads are being made for better health at the workplace, here are a few questions to ponder.

  1. Is management communicating the available options for self-care?
  2. Is leadership checking in on self-care balance in the workplace?
  3. What is the culture of your company?
  4. Is the leadership team assisting employees to do their jobs successfully?
  5. Are people looking busy or being productive? This is often a cultural issue most represented between Boomers & Gens/Millennials.

Stinson stresses that ownership for mental wellness/self-care that leads to fatigue or burnout no longer rests solely on the shoulders of the employee.

Why is the statement, “Check it at the door” meaningless? Because “it” will follow up into work regardless. To prevent “it from coming through the door”, Stinson provides our listeners with alternative methods of practicing mindfulness. Below are a few of the self-care steps we have shared.

  • Stop and ask what emotions am I feeling
  • Can I acknowledge the problem
  • Then choose the best path to respond after a negative experience

In addition, Stinson offers advice for those with high-performance jobs that suffer from anxiety and provides a deep dive regarding workplace burnout.

So now, the workday is over and you are at home. Guess what is next? Close the stress cycle to decrease the adrenaline and cortisol in your system, Stinson suggests. Wait… hold up it is not that simple, how do I do that? Options to close the stress cycle do exist! Has anyone heard of a good laugh, a big hug from your child or family member, or even the affection from your pet?

Stinson’s podcast conclusion on empathy is defiantly something not to miss! Do not be left with FOMO.