Weathering the Storm: Hosting Events During Nature’s Fury

This episode of the Convention Center Podcast dives into the collaboration between an event producer, convention center team, and hotel staff that saved the Myrtle Beach World Am’s 19th Hole event from the claws of Tropical Storm Idalia. Our distinguished guests, Scott Tomasello – Tournament Director for the Myrtle Beach World Amateur and Myra Starnes – owner of Leisure Time Unlimited, Inc. and an event producer, share their experience and proactive “what if” planning that unfolded as the storm moved towards Myrtle Beach.

For event planners needing a realistic blueprint of the unpredictable and urging a rethinking of crisis management in the meetings and events ecosystem, listen in. This ordeal shaped strategies and critical decisions to ensure the safety and continuation of this iconic event. The invaluable learnings and fortified collaborations set a precedent of preparedness and adaptability with future events hosted at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Delve into the unique challenges our guests face, from coordinating with diverse stakeholders under a ticking clock to the remarkable adaptability displayed by the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and Myrtle Beach Sheraton Hotel in meeting the event’s needs, while keeping the show on the road, quite literally.

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