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Sponsored Podcast – Say Her Name

This Women’s History Month, Tiffany Andrews, sales and marketing administrator at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, shares her perspectives on how to break the glass ceiling and build upon the […]

Sponsored Podcast: What Gender Equity Truly Means

Women make up half the travel and tourism workforce, but less than 20 percent of C-suite positions. In this episode of the MPI EVENTalks podcast, sponsored by the Myrtle Beach […]

Sponsored Podcast: The Sports Tourism Rebound

Al Kidd and Jennifer Stoll on the Latest Sports ETA Research This is the second time Al Kidd and Jennifer Stoll have been on the SportsTravel Podcast. The last time […]

Sponsored Episode: Ajay Nwosu: Building a Following for USA Teqball

One of the many sports vying for the chance to be included in the program for the 2028 Olympic Summer Games in Los Angeles is teqball, a soccer-based sport founded […]

Sponsored Episode: Tim Schneider: 25 Years of SportsTravel Magazine

If you went back to 1997, you would find a sports-event industry that was truly in its infancy. The National Association of Sports Commissions, now known as Sports ETA, was […]

Sports Travel Podcast

Sponsored Episode: Sports Participation Deep Dive

There is nothing quite as valuable to sports organizations and destinations that host their events than data. And one of the leading organizations that has been diving into data analysis […]