Episode 7: Spirit-Driven Outdoor Event Production

Reggie Dyson is the General Manager at WMIR Rejoice radio 103.5fm, 95.5fm, and 1200am, also three times Stellar Award Nominee.  The podcast opens with Dyson sharing profound moments regarding his recent outdoor event – Myrtle Beach Waves of Praise Gospel Fest, an outdoor music festival going into its 4th year.

As our guest on the Convention Center Podcast, Dyson shares primary outdoor event logistics that include but are not limited to: 

  • Book artist/talent that will entertain all ages, both young and old.
  • Typically, your core demographic is within a 100-mile or less radius.
  • Partnerships are essential with radio, television, and out-of-home networks.
  • Ask artist/talent to assist with cross promotions by using their social media platforms and radio interviews.
  • Using social media vs printed flyers win every time.
  • Consider if your outdoor concert should have a hybrid component.
  • Be aware of the weather conditions in the city you are hosting your outdoor event.  Meanwhile, develop relationships with the local meteorologists.
  • Have a plan B if rain is forecasted a week out.  Plan B requires a lot of preparation, non-stop phone calls, and numerous text messages.
  • Outdoor events offer freedom for both attendees and vendors to space out and move around.

Having produced numerous gospel events both outdoor and indoor, Dyson suggests that these “Must Dos” remain the same regardless of an event’s location.  In ranking order, here’s his…Top Ten

  1. Secure the date
  2. Secure the venue
  3. Secure artists a year in advance
  4. Secure the items listed on the artist’s rider
  5. Determine the AV needs of each artist or group performing
  6. Develop an event budget
  7. Find sponsors to off-set artists, rider requirements, and AV needs
  8. Sell vendor spaces, meanwhile ensure food vendors offer a variety of meal options from vegan to soul food, an assortment of different beverages, and those selling arts & crafts
  9. Keep people at your event by providing everything a concert-goer would need
  10. Secure your talent for next year based on the climate of your recent event

As Dyson shares the ups and downs of his career as a gospel promoter, he also offers advice to new concert producers.  So, keep listening…the four items he provides advice on can make or break a successful event.

For the first time, we introduced a lightning round of Q&A’s with a twist for listeners to better know our guests!  In addition, Dyson shares an important tip that is certain to make you chuckle as he fills in this blank, “Don’t ever_______.”